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Matthews Trust was set up in September of 2014. The sole of purpose of this trust is to raise funds to enable Matthew to receive the interventions he requires at this stage of his life. This trust is going to be so important to Matthew going forward.

All donations to the trust go directly to Matthew (online donations incur a 3% charge by Stripe for the credit card fees). All costs for the cycle are paid by the cyclists themselves and the cycling jersey is funded via the corporate sponsorship on the jersey. The surplus from the corporate sponsorship is also paid directly to the trust for Matthew.

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Our biggest worry at this stage of Matthews’s life as a teenager is what is going to happen with Matthew in the future and how long we will be able to keep him at home with our family due to all his complex issues which appear to be getting worse instead of better.

By your generosity and supporting Matthew’s Trust, we feel it will enable us to help Matthew in ways that are just not available to us at the moment.

For example:



This will enable Matthew to have a break from our busy household so he can avail of one to one attention. This can have a twofold benefit as this means our family gets to spend  bit more quality time together!

Speech Therapy

This will help Matthew with his communication. Speech therapy through the HSE is practically non-existent at the moment which only adds to his frustration.

Occupational Therapy

This really benefits Matthew as one of the main issues of a child with Autism is that they do not feel grounded and feel hyper all the time. Again this is not available from the HSE at the moment with cutbacks and something that should hopefully benefit Matthew!

So we just want to thank you for your support and generosity at this time and would like to assure you that any monies fund-raised will all go directly to Matthew’s Trust and will be spent in a way that will benefit Matthew. That would not be possible without your help!

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